Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro Varies with device


Chinese-English offline dictionary featuring handwriting and Mandarin audio!

Android's most popular Mandarin Chinese dictionary.

Details on how to get Pro version: http://goo.gl/YGonR

• Search Hanzi, Pinyin or English. Also displays Zhuyin (Bopomofo)
• Both Simplified and Traditional characters supported
• Chinese handwriting recognition built in!
• Mandarin audio* - over 2, 000 audio files of a real native Chinese speaker
• Live search - results update as-you-type
• Progressive results - as you scroll down, progressively deeper searches are seamlessly performed
• Offline access to all features (unless specified)
• History, Starred words, Word lists
• Custom search using wildcards
• Widgets (two sizes available)
• Clipboard
• Night mode (black background)
• Quick Search Box support
• Voice recognition (online only and only on supported devices)
• Useful links to websites e.g. YellowBridge and nciku (online only)
• Uses CC-CEDICT dictionary data
• Supports Move to SD card
• No ads!

* Note: audio does not work on Archos devices.

For Chinese character input via pinyin, use Google Pinyin IME.

Note: "Move to SD" is not supported because that functionality conflicts with Widgets. Please read: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=8555

Please use the forum (see below) to report any bugs or suggestions.

Blog: http://embermitre.com
Forum: http://embermitre.com/hanping
Twitter: http://twitter.com/embermitre

Note - one user commented about square boxes appearing for a couple of Chinese characters. This is because of a limitation of the Chinese font pre-installed on the device. This varies from device to device and there is not much Hanping can do about this unfortunately.

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